Hems Kit – Fallout 4 – It’s A Mug – Results!

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Fallout 4 - Winners @ Hems Kit


Ladies, Gentlemen…  

Thank you so much for you overwhelming response to our latest promo!

So we said we would pick 3 winners at random…. And we did just that! (We logged the entries and then use a random number generator.)

And then we had the epic task of picking an overall winner for the special prize.  Not so Easy!!!!!

Random Winners:

  • Ray Micheal David Mc Adams.
  • Stephanie Harris.
  • And Patrick Ryan!

Nice one!  Expect to receive a copy of Fallout 4 with the  FO4 Mug on release day and a £5 store voucher!!!!!

The special prize winner! 

This was really tough!  We want to save many of you! But we can only do one!

WE ARE OFFICIALLY RESCUING COLIN LEVY!  The curse of 1D will be lifted very soon!!!!!! (“I’m sorry” – to Colin’s niece xx)

Colin Your EPIC Fallout 4 Prize!!!!!!!

  • Fallout 4 Game;
  • Fallout 4 Mug;
  • Nuka Cola Tee;
  • Thumbs up Tee;
  • Vault boy face Tee;
  • Vault boy Charisma Tee;
  • Bombs Away Tee;
  • 7 Fallout Key-rings;
  • Vault 111 SnapBack Cap;
  • Vault 111 Back Pack;
  • £10 store voucher!

Winners MUST get in touch ASAP(NOW!!!!!!!)!  Send us a message on Facebook and we’ll get your details!

Congratulations to our winners and commiserations to our  ‘next timers’.

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Balls By Hems Kit – A FIFA 16 Giveaway – Results

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The time has come to announce the winners for the “Balls by Hems Kit – A FIFA 16 Giveaway”.  As per usual after checking all the entries, we pool the names together and draw a winner (or two) at random.

We want to say thank you for the tremendous responses from those that entered.  And yet again it has been a lot fun to run this promo!

The two winners of this draw will also be eligible to win a copy of the “next” FIFA game too!

The winners are:

Aaron Todd from Shildon – Selected Manchester United as the BPL winner.

Lee Maloney from Newport – Also selected Manchester United as the BPL winner.

Congratulations to you both and look forward to seeing the results at the end of the season.

Winners we’ll be in touch over the next 24 hours, to confirm details and get your prizes out to you!  So keep an eye on your inbox!!!!

Commiserations to those who didn’t win.  Rest assured that there will be more giveaways and offers coming your way!


The Team @ Hems Kit!


Revenge By Hems Kit – A Metal Gear Solid V Giveaway Part 2 – DRAW RESULTS

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We are very sad to announce that the ‘Revenge By Hems Kit – A Metal Gear Solid Giveaway” promotion has now finished!

It has been a lot of fun to run and so far we have a few happy winners, which makes us happy!  Time to add to that list!

Part two focused in on what we love about the series!  The classic one liners, the passion in art and the ultimate in admiration.  We received over a hundred entries.

We drew one random winner from each day to win a MGS tee-shirt and then chose an entry from each day as winner for a “mystery prize”.  This was VERY tough!  Finally, we drew a final winner from all the three day’s entries to win our final “MGSV Bundle”.

Winners List!

Day one – Random Tee Shirt – Jay C Webster / Mystery Prize winner – Alan Prince Jr.

“it’s a long way down, if only I had a rope, I’ll use that rope I found” #HemsKit #MGSFAVLineComp

Day Two – Random Tee Shirt – Stuart Dalzell  / Mystery Prize winner – RemoGiz Barcellone – Mr Tatoo artist! Awesome vid + KC Turner maximum respect to you too you can have a teeshirt too!

This is a tattoo i done this time last year. My client wanted less of the little sketchy bits and more large strokes of gradient. Thought itd make a change from the usual artwork 😜
#HemsKit #MGSFAVArtComp

Day Three – Random Tee Shirt – Daniel Lamley / Mystery Prize winner –  Chris Rowley – Well said sir.

My favourite character in MGS was The Boss. She is/was the most legendary war hero and she truly expressed her beliefs when she died for a country she didn’t completely trust. But that was the order; that was her mission. Big Boss would be nothing without The Boss, and Solid and Liquid would be nothing without either of them. It’s also pretty cool that her dad was a founding member of the patriots. War hero, honor, sacrifice, love. Legendary! #HemsKit #MGSFAVCharComp

And the over all winner drawn randomly from all three days –Neil Ovington.

Well done to the winners!


Winners should get in touch with us via Facebook asap, and we will get the prizes out to you straight away!

We wanted to to again thank everyone who entered.  You guys made this fun!

As you all know by know its never over @ Hems Kit…

Keep an eye on our website, blog & Facebook, for upcoming things.  Including our plans for the Star wars Launch and the awesomeness that will be Fallout 4.


Hem @ Hems Kit!