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Hems Kit / EEA Server Funds

We run our gaming servers for you.

Hem and the team run these servers with pride and care.

Hem pays for the servers, but is asked all the time by players wanting to make contributions towards their costs. This is totally appreciated!

We run several servers including BF4, TeamSpeak and Mumble. Admin tools such as Rcon and pbscreens also add to live costs.

(Any contributions will go towards these costs only!)

How to donate to hems kit / EEA gaming servers.

Its easy to donate! Just buy one of Game Server Donations products through our store.


EEA help the game servers run! Please remember they do it for Love.......

Ban Appeals

Been banned from one of our servers.

Jump on to the forum and appeals may be placed there.

Ban Appeals Forum

Please be aware that Racism bans are not elliglable for appeal!

EEA / Hems Kit Role Call

Hems-Kit and EEA Role Call
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