Hems Kit for Business

Hems 'Green' Kit - For Business

We take Green issues very seriuosly for all our customers.

Does your organisation want to comply with Epeat regulations? We can help.

Hems Kit - Procurement

Volume Discounts.

Brand Deals.

Regular Purchace Schemes - Coming Q4 2015

Manufacurer Lead Finance Deals.

Hems Kit - Bespoke Hosting & Communication Services

Call for details.

Hems Kit - Education & Public Sector

Extensive Deals and Discounts for Students Techers and Educational Institutions as well as the public sector.

Hems Kit - Consultancy

Custom Services from Hems Kit designed to help your business.

Contact us for further information.

Hems Kit - Games For Business

Gaming solutions for the office.

Work Hard Play Hard

That's what we like at Hems Kit.

From high end desktops to vintage arcade gaming machines to simple console setups. Ideal for lunch breaks and great for team building.

Contact us and we'll make your office decidedly more fun
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